Hello, my name is Andrew Wylie and I live in Purley, England, not far from London. These Web pages are about a load of things that interest me, mostly to do with obsolete technology. Use the links on the left to find out more.

  • I call myself "Mister Transistor" because I have been interested in germanium semiconductor devices since about 1980, when I first realised that such things were becoming rare. I am especially keen on point-contact transistors, the first kind ever made. Nowadays there are a few other sites that specialise in such devices from the USA, so I emphasise my European types, although I do have many rare and historic US examples too. Recently I have also started to investigate integrated circuits from the 1960s, prior to the Intel era.

  • A related subject that interests me is early computer technology, particularly early British transistor computers. I've got a few neat things that are worth seeing!

  • Over the years I have experimented with various interfaces that connect external electronic devices to a PC.

  • In 2003 my family took part in the UK "Robot Wars" competition. Building a 100 Kg combat robot is not easy, as I found out.

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