This part of my Web site is about a longstanding hobby interest of mine: old semiconductor devices, particularly transistors. Click my 'transistor history' button on the left to find historical information and fascinating images of lots of weird devices from the 1950's and 1960's. Use the button for 'related sites' to find other Web resources on a similar theme, including those about semiconductor history and about early transistor radios.

I've been seeking these devices for over twenty years, and I'm always keen to add interesting new types to my collection, so if you think you have something which would interest me, do take a look at my wanted list. I'm happy to trade or buy early transistors, and I'm always looking for information on old devices and the companies and people who made them.

If you need help about an old semiconductor device, contact me by email and I'll do my best: I do have lots of old data books. However, please remember that I am a historian, not an engineer, that I only know about pre-1970 devices, and that I know about semiconductor devices, not radios. (Many people say 'transistors' when they really mean 'transistor radios').

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