UK Types:
Mullard OC10, OC11, OC12, OC15, OC50, OC51, CXT1, CXT2, GET931
GEC(UK) GET1, GET2, GET9, GET10, GET693, GET672, GET673, GET931, any EW series device
2N705, 2N710 and 2N711
ST721, ST722 and ST723
GEX952, SX630, SXL63, SZT1 and GEX540
SCR91 to SCR95 and SCR111 to SCR115
STC(UK) 3X/100N, 3X/101N, TP1, TP2, any LS type e.g. LS736, LS737, LS828, LS830
any CK series IC
BTH or AEI any JT or JTX type, JT1A, JT2A, JT3A, GT47
any STX5 transistor
any CG series diode form (suffix) C or M e.g. CG1-M
Ediswan XA121 to XA126, XB114, XC111, XS111, XC155, XC156, XC171, XC703, XC713, XC723, XD901
Newmarket V6/R3, V6/2RC, V6/4RC, V6/8RC, V10/1SC, V10/2SC, NKT402
any M-series microcircuit
Hivac XFT1, TM1
English Electric any transistor eg VB701, VB704
military CV types CV5309, CV5327, CV5330, CV5353, CV7010, CV7011, CV7012, CV7080, CV7081, CV7115, CV7116, CV7118
PO types PO1, PO2, any CXT type eg CXT1, CXT2
Ferranti any MicroNor and MicroLin ICs in the CN, ZSS, ZST and ZSP series
Semiconductors/Plessey SB128, SB129, any diode
any 1960s ICs
any bubble memory module or board
Lucas DT4110 to DR4112, DT4120, DT4121, 49914A, 49935A
Texas Instruments (UK) 3S001, 3S002, 3S003
Thorn/Brimar/Mazda AD140, any ASY type such as ASY82

US Types:
Amperex OC50, OC51, OC52, OC53, OC54, OC55, OC56, 2N115
CBS-Hytron PT-2A, PT-2S, 2N36, 2N37, 2N38, 2N80, 2N82, 2N108, 2N116
Detectron DCT4, DCT5, DCT6, DCT7, DCT8
General Electric G11, SX4A, 2N30, 2N31, 2N81
ECLO line ICs p321 to p327
Germanium Products RD2517, RD2520, RD2521, RDX500, 2N97, 2N97A, 2N160, 2N161, 2N162, 2N163
Honeywell 3N45, 3N46, 3N47, 3N48
Hydro-Aire A-0, A-1, A-2, A-3, S-0, S-1, S-2
PR Mallory Any transistor e.g., 440, 441, 442
National Union Electric T18A, T18B, 2N39, 2N40, 2N42
Pacific Semiconductors Inc PCG, PCF or PCI series ICs
Philco 2N47, 2N48, 2N62, PL series ICs
Radio Receptor R1698, R1729, R1734
Raytheon CK716
RCA 2N41, 2N46, 2N69, 2N96
Sperry Semiconductor 11S8 line ICs, 10S4 diode array, 300s2 - 302s2 differential amplifiers, 900 series ICs
Sprague Electric 5A, DC6, 2N159
Signetics ICs SE101, SE102, SE120, SE130, SE140, SE200, SE104 or other SE types
Sylvania 3N21
AMELCO/TeleDyne ICs MC100, SA100, SA102
Texas Instruments(USA) SN510, SN511, SN512, SN513, SN515 without suffixes A,B
SN521, SN522 with or without suffixes
SN530, SN531, SN532, SN533, SN534, SN535 without suffixes A,B
transistors 100, 101, 102
Clevite / Transistor Products 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 2E, 2G, 2H, 2L, 2N50, 2N51, 2N52, 2N53
CTP1002 to CT1006 power transistors
Transitron 2N83, 2N84, 2N86, 2N87, 2N89, 2N90, 2N92, any power transistor
Westinghouse Any WX series transistor, 2N54, 2N55, 2N56, 2N58, 2N59, 2N60, 2N61, 2N73, 2N74, 2N75
any WMnnnn ICs
Western Electric 5A, GA52837, GA53080, 3N21
Bubble Memory Modules or cards by IBM, Motorola, Rockwell, Memtech, National Semiconductor, Texas Instruments, or the Intel 7114

Types from other countries:
Australia any transistors or diodes by STC or Philips marked as made in Australia
Czechoslovakia - Tesla any transistor xNT40, xNU40 or 1NU70 to 3NU70, any diode xNN40 or xNN41
France - LCT 3604, 3609, 3698, 3768 etc
France - CF Thomson-Houston TH8501, THP35, THP36, THP44 to THP47, THP50 to THP52, THP60, THP61
1T3, 2T3, 3T3, 4T3, 10T2, 11T2, 12T2
17T1, 18T1, 25T1, 26T1
any 2N or 3N type marked TH or Thomson
France - CSF/COSEM TJN1, TJN2, TJN1A, TJN2A, TJN100, types A-F, TJN6, TJN7, TJN30, TJN300
SFT101 to SFT106, SFT112, SFT113
France - La Radiotechnique OC15, OC70, OC71, OC72 (not Philips/Mullard examples)
France - Sagem The MBS2256 bubble memory module
France - Westinghouse any transistron
Germany - AEG OD650, OD651, OD651a, OD652, OD750, OD751
Germany - Intermetall any GSN series (eg GSN1 - GSN6), GT1, GT2, X-125, X-122, X-120
OC32 to OC34, OC301, OC302, OC318, OC330, OC410
AF111, GES80
Germany - Rost GT 10, GT 20, GT 30
GTA1 to GTA3, GTE1, GTE2, GTL1, GTL3, GTV, HF100, HF200
Germany - SAF VS200, VS201, VS202, VS220, VS221, OC110, OC120, OC130
Germany - Siemens TS13, TS33, TF70, TF71, TF85, TF90
Germany - TeKaDe any K series diode
any 4000 or 7000 series transistor
GST01, GST02, GFT20, GFT21, GFT2006
Germany - Telefunken OC601, OC602, OC611, OC622, OD623, OC624, OC6016
OD605, OD650, OD651, OD651a, OD652, OD750, OD751
Germany - Valvo OC10, OC11, OC12, OC15, OC50, OC51, 100.OC
Hungary - Tungsram P6, P13, P14, P15, any GD series diode
Italy - Microfarad MFT122, MFT123
Italy - SGS 2G109, 2G138
Switzerland - Ebauches any ES type e.g. ES3110, ES3501
Japan - Fujitsu any FT type, 2SB13, 2SB20, the FBM64DA bubble memory module
Japan - Hitachi any HJ type
Japan - Mitsubishi TJ35, TJ36, VB
Japan - National any MA type, any MCP type, any OC type, 2SB70, 2SB92, 2SC50
Japan - NEC any ST type, any bubble memory module or board
Japan - Sony T1698 etc, 2T01 to 2T99, 3T201 to 3T203
Japan - TEN 2NJ4, 2NJ9, 2NJ10
Japan - Toshiba TS12 - TS22
The Netherlands - Philips OC10, OC11, OC12, OC15, OC50, OC51
Any IMPEX type eg S30T, S31T
The Netherlands - Van der Heem OC1G to OC1L, OC1LR, OC1LP, the same suffixes for OC2 to OC6, OC222
GDR/DDR - WBN/HWF/IHT/WF any 1NC-, 2NC-, or 3NC- transistor
any early diode eg DD, GDT, MDnnn, RDnnn e.g. RD120, OA500, OA513 etc
OC812, any OC81n type marked WBN
LC810, LC815, LC824, LD830, LD835, LF880, LF881, LA25, LA50, LA100, LA1, LA4, LA30
OC87n series types in painted TO-44 cans (eg red)
OA601, OA602, OA603, OA605, ZL910
Poland TP1 to TP3 from IPPT PAN
TZG1 to TZG6
TZ5 to TZ11
TC11 to TC15
The USSR transistors KC1 to KC8, C1, C2, C3, C4, C5, MP4, P7, P9 to P12, P18, P21 to P26, P31 to P42, P207, P208, P501 to P505
diodes any DG type or D type in green body
the K1602RC1, K1602RC5 and K1602RC9 bubble memory modules (any suffix)

These are the devices I want - mostly transistors from the 1950's and integrated circuits from the early 1960's. I particularly want the types in bold type. Ideally I want several of each type - if you have any at all, please contact me and I'll make you an offer for them. Condition is not important - used examples are fine. I especially like examples on circuit cards.

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