It is not my intention here to give a complete history of early British machines, or even early transistor machines. If you want the overall picture, there is a great resource on the Web in the form of Simon Lavington's book "Early British Computers". My interest lies in the technology used by early British transistorised computers, many of which were leaders in their field. I am fortunate in possessing bits of some of these historic machines, some of which I show here. To my knowledge, there are few other places on the Web where you can see such things and read what I hope are short but interesting descriptions of them.

It must be stressed that even fragments such as these are historic artefacts worthy of preservation. In the UK, the USA and elsewhere there are societies, such as the UK Computer Conservation Society, dedicated to preserving a record of the development of information technology. If you are a private individual who possesses such materials please or such a society and have the artefacts recorded at the very least. Thank you.

Follow the links on the left for my fragments of historic British transistor computers.

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